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Sunday, April 6

Your Cup of Tea- Gwo ponpon

Commonly called Gwo ponpon, this herb of cheer-leader like pom-poms along the length of the stalk is probably how the plant derived its name. From these prickly balls, grow of striking orange flowers. Interesting to note is that the plant, which is a native to Africa is called lion's ear after these flowers. Naturally, the bright flowers are an attraction for butterflies, bees and birds.

Tubular flowers growing out of spiny round clusters

The leaves are used together with other medicinal plants in teas as a remedy for fevers, colds and hoarseness. In addition it is used for women after childbirth.

Leaf of gwo ponpon
This wild growing herb has continued to thrive despite concerns of the contribution of weedicides and herbicides to the declining population of local plant species.

Biodiversity in Agriculture: Hedge of gwo ponpon borders farm plot
Dried, these long stems make beautiful ornamental arrangements of dried flower bouquets. Therefore it has potential for use of local elements in the floral industry

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