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Oh for the innocent bliss of childhood, when our grandfathers and the other older folk spoke in Saint Lucian French Creole of farm production as going to the "garden"- "Mwen ka ale an jaden" ("I am going to the garden"). 
But now the years have passed and our English has improved, "garden" is now "agriculture" and "food production". Agriculture is inclusive of both crop and livestock production.  From a time of scant need there is now a focus on food and nutritional security due to climate change and population growth. The industry has benefited from innovations to improve production; supporting services of marketers; financial services, scientists;communications and transporting. 
Additionally, "gardening" refers to production for home use. Although genetically termed "backyard" gardening, planting can be done wherever the space is available- "frontyards" and "sideyards".
Whether it's gardening home production or gardening farm production, Delighted In Gardening is delighted to share information on:

  • indigenous foods
  • profiles of farms and farmers
  • agribusiness
  • nutritional content of foods
  • local, regional and international events in the food industry 

 Happiness is always in season :)


  1. Was looking for info on the "Panadol" plant when I stumbled on this site. An image of the plant (just like the one in my new "garden") came up, I clicked on it, and 'VOILA!", I was in St Lucia!! YAY!! This is the site I need, and will have.

    1. I am glad that the blog was of use to you. Thank you for the positive review!

  2. Thank you for the rave review! Will continue to ensure that this page is useful to you.