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Tuesday, September 24

Your Cup of Tea- Worm Bush

Vermifuge-a medicine that expels parasitic, intestinal worms. The name of the worm bush or worm grass attests to its function. Other local names for the wormbush are "Zèb a vè" and "Semen contwé". When used for this purpose, oil is sometimes added. It is also believed to clean the womb after childbirth.

The bush is combined with other herbs as a remedy for 
  • Asthma
  • Cough
  • To treat wounds and sores (in the form of a poultice)
Worm bush (scientific name: Dysphania ambrosioides or Chenopodium ambrosioides) is credited with other healing properties and actions:
  1. Increases perspiration
  2. Functions as a natural diuretic: Increases urination
  3. Increases breast milk
  4. Promotes menstruation
  5. Stimulates digestion
  6. Kills cancer cells
  7. Mild sedative

It is said that the health benefits of any medicines can be gauged by how unpleasant the scent and taste. For some herbal medicines you may find yourself holding your breath while imagining cakes and candy. Worm bush is one such example. To subdue the strong taste, I usually add a few leaves of a minty tea such as basil. I hope this helps when next you have your cup of worm bush.


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