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Saturday, February 15


"Food is our common ground,
a universal experience."
~James Beard

Did you ever wonder at the identity of the bright orange fruit featured on all Fruit Logistica promotional material? Before the event, I had not been exposed to even a photograph of it. On this basis, it classifies as an exotic fruit.
Standing poster/board

While being pervasive on event material, it proved more difficult to locate the actual fruit on the stands. After walking miles of hallway, I finally located them on the second day of the Fruit Logistica. They were laid out at the Santa Margarita stand. In good exhibition fashion they are displayed both whole and cut open. As attractively orange as the outside is, the inside is garishly green. I am not eager to taste this fruit. Maybe I might be so inclined if there was a stand which served recipes of the kiwano.

The Star of the Show

So what is this famous mystery? The name of this fruit is Kiwano. A google search produces other names by which this fruit is known: horned melon, jelly melon, hedged gourd and melano. The alias African horned cucumber attests to its origins and explains why the seeds seem familiar to those of cucumber (Cucumis sativus).

Another exotic fruit (in my books) presents itself. This discovery looks less intimidating and I am willing to taste test. What a coincidence that it too is orange and the name begins with the letter "K"- Kaki. I have found it in the Spain section where samples are being distributed. It is delicious! It also helps to know that this fruit is a powerhouse of nutritional benefits which includes Vitamin C-just like the kiwano.
Right side up-Samples of kaki
 On the promotional material given, it states that : "Due to its sweet flavour a lot of people think that kaki fruit is fattening , but the caloric value is not exceedingly high." No doubt this makes a great option for healthy food dieters- if you can get your hands on it.

Bottoms up-Kaki in display case
In general, the Fruit Logistica was an wholesome opportunity to broaden my fruit experiences with new perspectives gained on familiar fruit and discovering the unfamiliar.

Please note that for additional photo moments of the Fruit Logistica, you can visit the D.I.G Facebook Page album

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