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Wednesday, March 5

Your Cup of Tea- Panadol

"Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them" quotes A.A. Milne, author of childhood literature Winnie the Pooh. It is easy to pass this wildly growing bush as a weed. However, this apparent weed is the useful Panadol Plant.

Panadol-Spreading Succulent Herb

"Panadol" with active ingredient paracetamol, has become a household name as a brand of pharmaceutic pain relievers. The active ingredients of pharmaceuticals are plant derived. However, I have found not yet found any information that the "Panadol" brand is derived from the panadol plant. But what a fortunate coincidence if it were!
Pain relief purposes are the same for both plant and drug. According to this source it is also used to treat tooth and gum disease.
Panadol upclose

A low spreading herb in the mint family, the scent is nothing light and refreshing like peppermint or basil. This smells like medicine. Older folk say that the more odious the scent, the better for the body. One whiff of this herb is sufficient to heal. At the imagined taste of the actual brewed leaves, you will instantly begin to imagine yourself well. Suddenly, you are not sick enough for medicine. Alas, that excuse does not work well when you are in the care of parents.
Panadol grows well in full sunlight

As if it was not enough to learn that Panadol is a plant, it was awesome to observe the beautiful flowers that the plant produces.

Panadol Plant Flowers

The photos in this post were shot at Soufriere, Saint Lucia.

Additional sources:
Panadol Plant

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