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Sunday, March 9

A Berry Good Time

Once upon a time...

Those classical words draw us into storybook adventures of characters in a time long, long ago in settings that are out of this world. The adventure that is my life began in a rural community. In younger days my cousin, sister and I would accompany our grandfather to the "Countyside"-a place more agriculturally prime than the rural community where we resided, a place of rocky uphill footpaths which were inaccessible by motor vehicles. Thus, the trip there was by foot. The hour-long walk required starting before dawn. The early morning coolness made the distance more tolerable. All good tales are marked by journeys; even more so the ones that take place in the half light.

One of the unique features of this trip was the berries that grew in the "Countryside". They flourish in the lower temperatures at this high altitude. "Brambles" is a very English word that I first encountered in childhood books by Enid Blyton. These berries grew on prickly, wildly growing bushes. 

Saint Lucia's Wild Raspberry

These berries are called Wild Raspberries (Scientific Name: Rubus idaeus). Today the berries have a place on the "Fruits of Saint Lucia Chart" sponsored by First Citizens Investment Services. The initiative is a production of Nasser Khan for Trinidad and Tobago, but has been adapted for Saint Lucia. The chart was launched last year on January 29. According to the article:
"The initiative [...] aims to familiarise students and residents alike with the variety of local fruits, vegetables and herbs which are available on the island. This is in an effort to help foster consumption of locally grown foods and help reduce the country's food bill"
 As these berries are so tiny and so sensitive to the environment, I do not believe that they strong candidates for food security. But they are excellent for biodiversity and should be conserved as an indigenous Saint Lucian plant.

The berries were photographed at Deraches, Fond St. Jacques, Soufriere.

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